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What is Surfskull?

Let's face it, line ups can be a little judgmental. That's why we've designed a bump cap that looks like a normal hat instead of a bulky helmet. With it's sleek, low-profile design, you can hit the waves in style without sacrificing safety. Designed to stay on your head in even the heaviest pounding waves, but with the casual safety-conscious surfer in mind. With a layer of hard plastic and shock absorbing EVA, you can rest assured that your head is protected from flying fins, and late drops.

After a surf trip in Baja, I realized the importance of having proper head protection while surfing. I unfortunately cut my head on my own fin, which started my search for a helmet. I realized that most helmets on the market were bulky and unattractive, made for professional surfers, and probably more than I needed. Frustrated with my search, I decided to create Surf Skull, a low-profile, stylish helmet that offers moderate protection without drawing attention. Our mission is to provide surfers with the protection they need without sacrificing style. Get yours today and hit the waves in style, with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing you're protected.